Decompartmentalize, enrich and expose your fragmented data from multiple data silos. For batch or real-time. Kill data silos, without any IT transformation, in record time !

Kill silos

With AGGREGO, all your data sources speak the same language and interact dynamically to fulfill your business needs.


AGGREGO make all your repositories containing data from internal & external sources consistent and up to date.


Thanks to AGGREGO, multi-sources information is easily and instantly accessible by all your employees, applications and web applications.


Data Quality and Enrichment


  • Crossing data from multiple internal & external sources
  • Automatization of all data completion and correction operations through customizable business rules
  • Tools to interact with data in case of ambiguity

Cases of use

  • Aggregated view on customers, products or point of sales
  • CRM databases cleansing and enrichment
  • Customer journey knowledge for better segmentation enriching CRM, with data from behavioral marketing, satisfaction, web, social networks, etc.

Siloed Data Access Rationalization


  • Configuring an API in just few seconds
  • Letting users querying data in their own business language
  • Complying with data security rules and governance

Cases of use

  • Relevance of the customer relationship by exploiting all available data
  • Better productivity and relevance of customer support and customer services processes
  • Data exposition for web applications or software tools such as BI, portals, Geographical Information Systems, etc.

Data Migration


  • Leveraging business semantic of data sources
  • Managing data quality
  • Leveraging storage and processing capabilities of Big Data technologies

Cases of use

  • Fusion of information systems in a merging and acquisition context
  • Customer databases consolidation
  • Cost reduction through simplification and rationalization of information systems

Big Data Alignment With Your Business


  • Aligning data sets on a semantic model
  • Managing information update
  • Freeing data scientists with the long and painfull discovery and generation of relevant data sets

Cases of use

  • Ability to leverage all customer data (CRM, contracts, web browsing, etc.) for better customer service in contact centers
  • Customer journey analysis in a multi-channel environment leveraging website logs, retail logs, CRM, contracts, etc…
  • Development of optin databases, customized pushs


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